Find Your Strengths
Answer these 10 simple questions ...

Sometimes even the obvious can't be seen.
This online, cheat-sheet will help you to re-discover your strengths and the Call of God on your life.

Print off the web page that will appear after you click on the submit button.  Keep your results handy to refer to and pray about. 


1. What types of activities do you enjoy participating in, or wish that
you could if you had no obstacles getting in your way?

2. What talents or skills are easy for you?
3. What do you like to do that gives you a sense of inner satisfaction,
achievement and fulfillment?
4. What do friends, family and/or colleagues compliment you for,
or take for granted that you will do well?
5. Describe a time when you felt that you MOST like yourself.
6. Referring to your answer above, describe what you were doing
and how it made you feel. (If you are a thinker, then describe the benefits.)
7. Have you ever lost track of time doing something that you loved?
Describe what that was like and what you were doing.
8. If you didn't have to worry about time or money, what would you be doing?
9. What common thread or theme have you seen in your answers?
What motivates you?
(love to teach? serve? organize? encourage? give? etc.) 
10. If you knew you would never fail, what would you be doing?
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Click the submit button, then print the page that
appears in your browser window as your reference.