My Journey … Part 5

Perhaps the most unsettling thing I’ve encountered in my Christian walk has been thinking that I had something figured out – only to discover there was ‘more to the story’.

As a young Baptist girl, I was taught the belief of “once saved, always saved.” That blanket statement stayed with me for years – even though that wasn’t even logical. I believed it and that was it. I trusted everything they told me in church .  After all, they said it was “God’s Word.”

My Journey … Part 4

Fast forward many years ….

I’m standing on the platform with the praise team. Singing is a joy to me, and unlike my cartooning talent, my musical talent is passable, but not nearly as gifted or refined.

As the pastor’s wife, I felt incredibly honored and blessed to be working with one of the most gifted musicians and musical mentors I’ve ever met. Joe Sanford is one of those rare individuals who listens deeply – not just at the notes you are singing, but at who you are as an individual. He teaches music in the school system too, which completely makes sense, because he has an uncanny ability to bring out the best in everyone and creates a harmony not only in music but with the individuals themselves.