Positioning Yourself In Abundance

The road less traveledOn the long road of life, where getting from point A to point B is a daily activity, it’s easy to get lost in the ‘road rage’ energy that comes with interacting with other individuals on the highway of life.

The first step to changing your course, along with your attitude, is to find another route. or, as the poet calls it, “The road less traveled.”

Years ago, I found myself getting caught up in feeling competitive and raging at slow or distracted drivers. I didn’t like how I felt and that feeling usually carried on throughout my day, and into my work.

When in Doubt … DON’T LOOK DOWN!

Trapeze artistsHave you ever sat on your living room couch watching another old adventure movie where the hero or heroine is telling their counterpart in the movie, “Don’t look down” as they climb a steep cliff, or sky scraper, or trapeze rope?

For that matter, have you ever been some where high up, perhaps as a child, when you yourself was told, “Don’t look down!”  Remember that dizzying feeling and the knot that gripped your stomach as fear shot through your brain?

Normal Maintenance

If you find yourself feeling weighed down, burdened and wrestling with dark and oppressive thoughts, it’s time to do some maintenance! Unlike a daily shower where you can easily wash off the dirt of the day, this type of maintenance can be compared to .. well… cleaning a vacuum as I mentioned in one of my other posts.

As a caregiver, whether you are a pastor, a mom or in a service related job, you will be affected by the lives of those around you. Their tragedies and their joys. Unfortunately, as is common with human beings, we seem to get more pleasure in talking about our pain than we do about our pleasures.

Needs vs. Wants

Did you know that you have needs that you think are wants, and wants that you think are needs?

In modern, “civilized” countries, we are inundated with advertising slogans and media ploys to encourage us to spend more and desire more. As we have grown as a nation, we have prospered to a point where the fine line between “needs” and “wants” are so blurred that most people really can’t tell what they truly need … versus what they really want.

Christianity, or Witchcraft?

Within the past seven years or so, I’ve had many chance encounters with people who proudly stated that they once were Christians … but had been delivered from that horrendous belief system.

In asking them to describe to me what areas they had the greatest problem with, none showed any hesitation as they listed the familiar complaints of

  1. control
  2. judgment
  3. bitterness
  4. resentments
  5. manipulation
  6. humiliation
  7. abuse … and the list goes on.

Perfect Peace is a Choice

Every one of us has, or is, or will face a challenge so great, we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to maintain our “sanity” riding out the storm.

Whether it is a financial situation, a relationship, health or some other sudden or growing crisis, our peace hangs in the balance. Truly, our relationship with Christ will be challenged in every way. We’ll discover who we truly trust (ourselves, the doctors, the CPA, friends, or He Who Redeems.)