MOVIE: The Secret – What makes it such a powerful – or dangerous movie?

The Secret – What makes it such a powerful – or dangerous movie?

The truth it illustrates gives the movie its power. The misapplication makes it dangerous.

A few years back a movie became highly popular that spoke of a ”secret”. The assumption was that if you knew the secret, you’d be rich and have no lack of anything. “New Age” people touted the movie like a Bible. Christians (without watching the movie) declared that it was demonic and to be avoided.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

What if it Was the Other Person Who Left?

Unresolved relationshipA great deal of people have stayed in relationships that ranged from friendship to business to marriage to church attendance, and it was the last place they should have stayed. Staying for the benefit of others is not a good enough reason to stay. God is bigger than divorce – of COURSE He hates it! He hates that it occurs at all, and He hates what it does to people.

Why Your Vision May Be Hard to Articulate

… and Share with Others

Find out why your vision may be hard to articulate and share with others.

Understanding how your vision develops helps others to get on board.

Many times it begins with a life-altering moment. A need is revealed or experienced and solving that needs becomes a life calling that does not fade with time. In fact, it continues to grow and urges you to create something that must exist and which will solve that problem.

This is a Big, Hairy Audacious Goal, (BHAG) or dream.

As all artist’s of great things know, sometimes its nearly impossible to articulate the finished masterpiece – you simply have to show people.

Leslie Vernick on The Emotionally Destructive Marriage

Ever since I entered into ministry work, I’ve been dismayed to witness marriage after marriage struggling with unresolved conflict. Many believe that no matter how horrible the marriage is – even if there’s abuse – no one should ever divorce, but work through the conflict.

In a perfect world where BOTH partners are actually working through their issues, this would apply. However, we don’t live in a perfect world.  And abuse isn’t always getting punched or slapped around.  Abuse comes in all forms including emotional, mental and spiritual abuse, and sifting through the patterns is necessary to identify the roots of the problem and whether or not the abuser is willing to recognize the abuse and correct the problem.  If he/she is not willing to look at their own issues, then their partner is left with a choice – continue in a marriage of pain and torment, or leave and build a new life.