You Are a Work in Progress – a Majestic Work of Art

Metaphors are illustrations of God’s lessons. 

Recently, a friend sent me a brief video of an artist carving an image from a river rock that could fit in the palm of your hand.

Not only did this video resonate with my own experiences along life’s journey, but it illustrated many others I know who are struggling to stand up under painful circumstances.

Metaphors are a great way to help people understand something that is happening to them from a different perspective.

Character 101 and The Cow with a Message

Girl and binocularsScanning the horizon with my friend’s binoculars, I stood on the deck of their home, enjoying the view of open space that connected with their back yard.  As was my habit, whenever I got the chance to visit with them. I had grabbed the binoculars that sat by the sliding glass doors and was watching the local wildlife in the field beyond their garden wall.

Hidden Treasures

Pearls in her handsSomewhere in time, a hand is cradling within its palm, dozens of priceless, living pearls.  The hand lifts and the pearls are cast into a wilderness area containing nothing but sand, scorpions, cactus and dogs digging for bones.

 The wind blows and buries the pearls in the hot sandy desert.  The pearls can’t help but wonder why the hand cast them into the wilderness.  The sand is harsh and painful.  Making the most of a bad situation, the pearls await their deliverance.

Messages Around Us – Can You See?

Notes from natureAwakening to the sound of birds outside of my window, I laid upon my bed under the gentle cool breeze, drinking in the fresh newness of the morning.  For some reason I had awakened alert and refreshed this morning, unlike many where I could barely get myself out of bed.

My desire was to be an ordered person, taking care of personal things in the morning, reading the Word, eating a decent breakfast and beginning my day with my “head on straight.”  With the shower completed, hair combed and makeup actually on, I went downstairs and poured water in my coffeepot for tea. 

Fireworks When The World Has Stopped

FireworksToday is the 4th of July. I almost forgot what day it was because I’ve been focused on some projects. Realizing this, I was reminded of another day in 1984 …

My Mom and I were driving home after spending yet another day sitting at my Father’s bedside. He was dying of cancer and had been bedridden already for a year. Time seemed to completely stand still during those two years as we all moved through a variety of emotions and struggled with our thoughts.

Sheep Eating Plants On The Prowl

Sheep eating plantRecently a friend sent me an article about this unusual and deadly plant. Everything about this living organism shouts METAPHOR! 

How well I know a wide range of individuals within churches of all denominations who patiently wait their time to feed on unsuspecting ‘sheep’ or fellow Christians.

At first appearance, they seem harmless enough, with their rich, healthy glow and sleek, green leaves. But you will find that if you get too close these individuals, they will not be who you first thought them to be. 

Sheep eating plants