What Does It Mean to Have “Ordered Footsteps?”

Freedom in the journeyThis question was asked of me recently, “If I plan my own future, isn’t that planning with my own will? If God is ordering my footsteps, shouldn’t I wait for HIM to tell me what to do?”

The beauty of such a question is the humble heart in which this question was asked. This person truly desires to walk in God’s will, yet sees a need to plan a future. When is the planning of God and when is it not?

Wait a Minute … Have We Been Praying Wrong?

WonderingThe other day while praying, I believe I began to receive an epiphany … I say began, because I’m still chewing on this … 

When we pray, we are asking God for favor (when He’s already given it) and supply (when He has already given it) and … well… you get the picture.

So … If He’s already given it, why are we having such a hard time believing it or receiving it? 

Abundance is Necessary for Life

Burst of colorAbundance says to you …

I knock on your door daily, but you do not answer.

From time-to-time you almost recognized me, but then you didn’t know what to do with me, so you gave me away.

When I give to you unexpected blessings, you look at me and say, “What’s this? I don’t know what to do with this? I didn’t ask for this … therefore, I don’t trust this. 

… and you walk away.

Children know how to receive me. It’s natural to them. They laugh and giggle and embrace me in everything they do.