Diamonds are made from coal under pressure, so is excellent character and a strong will created out of unfortunate experiences when the choice is made to learn and make new choices responsibly.

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Prayer and Intercession

If you are in need of prayer, begin here:

The World Prayer Team
(Instant, interactive prayer)

Intercessors, please visit the following links:
Operation Prayer Shield International Fellowship of Intercessors
Intercessors for America Intercessors for Africa
Presidential Prayer Team Intercessors for New Zealand
Generals of Intercession - C.Peter Wagner, Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce Intercessors for China
Fellowship of Companies for Christ International Intercessors for Israel
Master Potter National Association of Prayer Leaders
Carpenter's Intercessors U.S. Prayer Center - Eddie and Alice Smith
To add a link, please contact the webmaster.
Other Intercessor Links
Prayer Ministry Links
Ring of Intercessors - Prayer Warriors in Intercession
Home page of Ring of Intercessors, this is a good place to start if you are interested in joining this ring.
Ring Of Intercessors Membership List 
Terrific list of all members of this Intercessors Ring. Clicking on any one of these links will help you in your time of need in gathering together prayer warriors.


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