Diamonds are made from coal under pressure, so is excellent character and a strong will created out of unfortunate experiences when the choice is made to learn and make new choices responsibly.




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"I just wanted to thank you for sharing your wisdom ... Your insights to leadership and interpersonal skills made so much sense to me.  I have read a lot about people and leadership skills but I truly enjoyed your delivery as well as your clear message... Thanks again and I truly hope that I get the opportunity to hear your further teaching." - V. B.

  • Peace, joy and an abundant life
  • Your destiny and passion
  • Your gift to this world
  • Wholeness, body, soul and spirit
  • Sources of stress and dis-ease
  • The uniqueness in the people around you
  • The missing links in your life
  • Obstacles that prevent you from being YOU
  • Programs that short circuit your dreams
  • Hindering fears that sabotage success
  • Intimidation and discover your place of power
  • Fears and misconceptions that hinder you
  • Low energy and weight issues
  • The gifts and abilities that God gave you
  • Abundance in your life
  • Favor in relationships and business
  • Worship & intimacy in your walk with God
  • Success, destiny & purpose in every area
  • Possibilities and opportunities
  • A fulfilling and purposeful future
  • New relationships
  • Life!
  • A spiritual life that seemed impossible before
  • Doing what you do best
  • Feeling and being WHOLE, Body, Soul & Spirit
Understanding What Makes Your Inner Child and Outer Child ... and Every Other Child, Tick

Every person alive was born with a personality unique to them.  What happens to a child as they grow if their personality is not understood by those in a position of authority? Learn how your personality can affect your child for the good...and for the bad.

What messages are sent to them regarding their value?  Learn how you can not only understand the personality and motivations that make up you, but also discover as well, those people around you and why you need them in your life.

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How to: Rediscover Your Beating Heart - "Uncovering Passion, Purpose and Person."

How to pump new purpose and meaning into your life. Stop the oppressing downward spiral of hopelessness and wilderness living that come from doing what you've always done and never getting you where you want to go.

Beauty's Affair with The Beast

Throw the covers off of the mystery in what's driving your man and making you crazy! Exposing the  forces behind what makes men and women unique and maddening at the same time.

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Unraveling the Mysteries that Sink the Ship in Relationship

  • Individual personalities
  • Motivational gifts
  • What one lacks the other has
  • Creating team
  • Career counseling
  • Why the frustration?

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Who Picks up the Pieces After the Storm Has Hit?

  • When crisis hits leadership
  • Who restores the 'others'
  • Bringing understanding to workers
  • Restoring drive and motivation

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Internet Intrigue

Navigating the Internet can be a terrifying, exhilarating and dangerous journey. Learn the basics of what is available to you, your church or business.


  • What is the difference between an ISP, an IP, hosting and web design
  • Domain names - cost, marketing with, parking, transferring
  • What ranking higher in the search engines mean, and how to get there
  • What Internet communities can do for your church or organization
  • Protecting your computer and family from spam and pornography
  • Internet hoaxes - how to find out if they are true BEFORE you pass them along
  • Viruses - fear, fact and fiction
  • e-Commerce - what is available and should I bother?

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