Apr 142014
Speed Painter

Find out why your vision may be hard to articulate and share with others.

Understanding how your vision develops, helps others to get on board.

Many times it begins with a life altering moment. A need is revealed or experienced and solving that needs becomes a life calling that does not fade with time. In fact, it continues to grow and urges you to create something that must exist and which will solve that problem.

This is a Big, Hairy Audacious Goal, (BHAG) or dream.

As all artist’s of great things know, sometimes its nearly impossible to articulate the finished masterpiece – you simply have to show people.

Apr 132014

Frustrated and aloneIf you are going through some frustrating and difficult times, I would like to include some verses which became a real and tangible encouragement to me in one of my own most dramatic trials in life.

David, Jeremiah, and Paul could not have expressed their frustrations and anger more candidly, nor could I or anyone else have put things in better perspective than Paul did, in dealing with people (especially those you have cared about) who suddenly seem to turn on you and betray your trust and love…

God will not leave us without answers, nor will He leave us comfortless.

Apr 132014

Are things not as they once were?An “After Pastor” is the pastor who comes in after the devastation of moral failure from a senior leader or pastor and “cleans up” the mess. There are issues of betrayal, grief, anger, and disbelief which hit a congregation, causing ministry “paralysis”. If you or someone you know has stepped into the role of being an After Pastor, you may be experiencing a great deal of difficulty within the church body.