Jan 192015
Woman hugging man

Have you ever wondered why it seems like women fall too often for the assumption that they need a man to be complete? (No, this isn’t some feminist rant). Time and time again, I’ve seen single women who are attempting to pursue careers that yearn to be married, and then give up the very career that they were pursuing so that they can raise a family.

Jan 072015

The creation of life didn’t just happen. This video documentary beautifully highlights how science confirms the works of Our Creator.

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Dec 102014

PresentThe giant package of goodies arrives at the office in a plain brown box.  Upon opening it, one finds layers and layers of the most delectable goodies one can imagine: Cookies, candies, cheese spreads, chocolate pretzels, jelly beans, crackers, apples, tangerines, dried fruit, and nuts, not to mention the bright and festive napkins, plates and wrapping paper.

 What a glorious gift, wrapped in such a plain brown box!  With glee, the first to open the box runs from cubicle to cubicle, saying, “Come see the goodies!  You don’t want to miss this! It’s too wonderful to imagine!  Come and taste…see that the………….”