About Sarah’s Tent

Cartoon illustration of a dark red butterfly.

For Pastor’s Wives, Women in Ministry and Those Who Are on a Journey, and Need to Make Sense of Unexpected Events.

Whether you are an existing pastor’s wife, a pastor, a woman in ministry or a woman who just is seeking the best for her life, change is happening.

Change is inevitable. We begin with a certain idea of how something will turn out in our lives, and then change happens.  There are different stages to dreams and goals. The first is that you ‘try them on’ like you would a new dress.

First comes the decision about what it is that you want, then the search to where you will get it.  After you see it, you have to try it on and while in the dress, looking in the mirror, you imagine wearing it in public, or getting in and out of a car.

But sometimes things just don’t work out the way we thought they would. The dress shrinks in the wash, or snags on everything that comes within fifty feet of it, or your three other girlfriends buy the same dress – not knowing it’s popularity, or … it dissolves in the rain.  (In the 70’s they came out with disposable, paper dresses. That idea was trashed (pardon the pun) when a few women got stranded in the rain … and found themselves without anything to wear!)

Ah yes … things aren’t always what they appear to be.  My journey as a pastor’s wife was not at all what I expected. Sarah’s Tent reflects my journey and those I have met along the way.

Sarah’s Tent is a vital part of Living Stones Center, a 501 (c) 3