Empowering Women in Ministry to Thrive, Not Just Survive!

We are in a constant state of transitioning from what was, to what is to come. 

“A Journey shared is more than surviving … it’s Thriving!

Hear from others who are experiencing similar challenges and making sense of the unexpected. Share what you’ve learned, what you lost, and what you gained. 

Life Coach

A close up image of a woman's hand holding a coffee cup. She is talking, which is evident by the gesture of her other hand.

Helping Healers Heal

For Healers who are aware of their own limitations and desire to seek help when needed. Uncovering a hidden toxic system that is undermining wholeness.

Community Support

Three women walk hand-in-hand down a path on a Spring day. They are wearing backpacks in preparation for their journey together.

Circles Journey Groups

Group coaching and community support.Your journey is your own and is respected, in this loving and supportive setting online and in person.

Inside a Child's Mind

My Page a Day

Creative Life Coaching for parents who desire to understand the genius of their child while having fun with artistic activities and ColorBooks.

I get it ... I've been there.

Shannon Parish

Shannon Parish
Life Coach, Former PW

I understand your frustration and bewilderment. It can be very disheartening to see toxic behavior in a place where you expect to find love, support, and healing.

If you’re struggling with toxic behavior in the church, a challenging marriage, or relationships I encourage you to reach out for help.

Contact me, and/or join one of our online chats or workshops.