You can count on the fact that you are in a state of transitioning from what was to what is to come.  God’s Fatherly wisdom gives us visual metaphors to explain His heart and His ways. The butterfly is one of those magnificent stories of change and transformation.  Continue reading …

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There are lessons everywhere and in ever thing. Those discoveries are pure gold that is often found in the messiest of events. Sharing thoughts, information, stories, and resources is the best way to regulate yourself while healing from non-beneficial belief systems that limit growth.


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A safe, loving environment focused on learning and growing while healing from the unimaginable pain that comes with ministry work - and failures.


Shannon Parish, Christian Life Coach Retired PW and "After Pastor".

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Living Stones Center

Living Stones Center

Sarah's Tent is a part of Living Stones Church, Inc., a.k.a. Living Stones Center in Colorado, a 501c3 nonprofit. This link will take you to that website where you can learn more about us and what we do.

Circles Journey

When Sarah's Tent exploded in growth in the early days of the Internet, I saw something I thought would have been impossible. Circles Groups are for women who meet locally and online to talk about their journeys

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There are resources here which are added to often. Videos, educational materials, books, financial resources and more. We welcome additional suggestions and invite you to discover and enjoy.

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