All is Not Lost!
You are in a state of transformation ...

You can count on the fact that you are in a state of transitioning from what was to what is to come.  Nature gives us visual metaphors to explain life, death, and transformation. The butterfly is one of those magnificent stories of change and transformation.  Continue reading …

You are not alone in your journey or experiences. Disillusionment is a gift! It simply means that you are no longer connected to an illusion! Reframing what you have seen as negative is freeing. Let’s walk this journey together …

My Gift to You ...

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Shannon Parish

Shannon Parish, Founder
Creative Life Coach, Clergy

I get it ... I've been there.

I understand your frustration. It can be very disheartening to see toxic behavior in a place where you expect to find love, support, and healing. As someone who has also served in the church, I can relate to your experience.

It’s true that our fallen natures can lead us to act in harmful ways, even when we’re trying to do good. When we’re wounded, we can lash out at others or become self-serving. And when we’re caught up in a narcissistic system, we can lose sight of our values and start to treat others as objects instead of people.

This is why it’s so important to be aware of our own limitations and to seek help when we need it. We can’t heal ourselves, but we can get support from others who can help us to grow and become more loving and compassionate.

If you’re struggling with toxic behavior in the church, I encourage you to reach out for help. Contact me, and/or join one of our online chats or workshops. 

“A Journey shared is more than surviving … it’s Thriving!

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