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Shannon Parish, Founder

Life Coach

My website focusing on life coaching.

Financial help and additional income are some of the first things that my coaching clients say they need. As an effort to help in providing those resources, I’ve compiled several resources from government aid to freelance websites to companies that hire remote workers. 

Additionally, the greatest healing I personally have obtained has come from discovering the root cause of the traumas I lived and understanding their dynamics in my decision-making, and in the relationships around me. These resources contain videos that cover everything from just calming the mind with nature and visual beauty to invaluable information provided by professionals in their various fields.*

  • God has given His knowledge and abundant resources freely to all men. Resources shared varied. It is your responsibility to discern truth from error.
  • Just because I posted ANY resources (Christian and non-Christian alike) does not mean that I endorse them or their beliefs. 

Christian Resources