Shannon Parish, Founder

Shannon Parish with graphic recordings in background

As a  former pastor and Christian Life Coach, I have served the Body of Christ in one form or another for the past 40 years. My gift is to stir up the individual geniuses in each person and to bring healing and understanding within the church, that we may truly represent the Kingdom of God truthfully and authentically.

I have worked in the secular arena with professional speakers, authors, and entrepreneurs and sometimes still do. This has presented me with access to a wide range of professional services and resources and to act as a bridge to bring understanding towards abundance and Our Father’s creation and provision.

In March of 1997, while searching the Internet for something that would be specifically for Pastors’ and Ministers’ Wives in the way of chats, bulletin boards, or . . . something, an amazing thing took place that forever changed my life and the life of countless other ministry women and pastors’ wives. As a wife, we often fall between the cracks, have hurts and struggles and unrealistic expectations put upon us that only another pastor’s wife could understand and other women would never dream of! There HAD to be something ‘out there’ that would meet this aching need. Alas, my search was in vain. At that time, it was almost impossible to find anything that offered what my heart yearned for.

That was when “Sarah’s Tent” was birthed. While visiting a Christian women’s chat room, I started to chat with another pastor’s wife.  We had such a wonderful time laughing and sharing, we hated to keep it to ourselves.  Soon another ‘PW’ joined our conversation, and then another.  Before we knew it, we went from two to twenty, and from twenty to two hundred, and from two hundred to four hundred.  The growth was incredible! Only God could have caused something to grow so fast and in such a wonderful way! Sarah’s Tent has had the pleasure of serving pastors’ wives and ladies in the ministry all over the United States and in other countries! By offering a loving touch and learning to laugh at the ‘uglies’ we’ve found our own healing and been blessed to see hope once again fill the hearts of our sisters in ministry. Sarah’s Tent is: “A ministry devoted to gathering together with God’s silent warriors, the wives of pastors and ministers of all denominations and cultural backgrounds, as well as their families, for fellowship, support, laughter, and prayer.  

Just for fun …
To view Sarah’s Tent through the years and to see some of the changes, go to TheWayBackMachine and then click on the highlighted dates to see what was happening when a snapshot was taken.


While recovering from the life-altering events that transpired after taking on the pastorate of a church in crisis, it was necessary to find alternative means to make a living. One of the things I wanted to do, was to write a book about the massive amount of lessons I was introduced to through my ministry and life experiences. (I’m still writing!)

I joined NSA (National Speaker’s Association) first and enjoyed providing creative services for world-renowned speakers, after which I also joined several author communities where I built websites, drew cartoons and illustrations for books, and eventually provided Graphic Recording services for various institutions in the US.

Probably one of the biggest lessons I learned after creating several websites to explain what services I provided – was to see the common thread of all the things I did to make a living. I found my WHY, and instead of constantly explaining my HOW, have begun transitioning into fewer websites. In case you are interested, I’ll mention some of them below.

My personal website is (all my websites are reachable from this one).

Sarah’s Tent is a part of my nonprofit, Living Stones Center, and is a vital part of Circles Journey Groups in training facilitators and group leaders who desire to create groups that encourage conversations, a safe environment and a wide range of resources for educational purposes.

As a Creative Coach, I illustrate the emotions, stories, messages, and experiences of the reader/viewer/speaker through cartoons and illustrations as well as live graphic recording.  I provide professional Life Coaching to help individuals in identifying and understanding the hidden traumas in their life and how it is affecting the quality of life they are living. You’d be surprised how much trauma is behind various beliefs, emotions, or perceptions which we consider “normal”.


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