What Does it Mean to Love God, Love Others as We Love Ourselves?

Understanding how we love God, ourselves, and others reveals a strong link between these relationships that greatly influences how we treat others and what we believe… beginning with ourselves. This connection shows that our love for God, ourselves, and others is closely connected and affects how we see the world, how we behave towards ourselves, Read More

What if … Things got better, just by how you perceive them?

Truth refers to what is by fact or reality, while perception is how something is understood or interpreted. Truth is objective and based on facts, while perception is subjective and influenced by personal experiences, biases, and interpretations. To tell the difference between truth and personal interpretations, consider the meanings and stories that get attached to Read More

Differences Between a Student and a Con-Artist

Know the difference between a teachable growth-mindset person versus someone who is seeking validation without investment. Being flattered and praised for your intelligence, charisma, or wisdom can be quite enjoyable – until it is revealed as manipulation. Whether you have studied for years, or the years have studied you, there are opportunities to share what Read More

Beliefs; The Power of Personal Responsibility in a Flawed World

Navigating the complexities of human interactions requires embracing personal responsibility in a flawed world. Explore the power of choice, self-awareness, and accountability as we delve into the importance of discernment and action in safeguarding our values and boundaries. BEWARE OF A PERCEPTION OF SAFETY AND TRUTH FOUND IN UNPROVEN SURROUNDINGS In the sanctuary of a Read More

They will Know You by Your Love … or Lack of It

I’m not as young as I used to be. In all my years, I have never witnessed such animosity towards the ‘church’, often confused with the Body of Christ, also known as ‘Christians’. My journey as a Senior Pastor’s wife began by stepping into the role alongside my Senior Pastor husband of a congregation that Read More

Embracing the Power of Love: Discovering Your True Worth and Purpose

The essence of service lies in genuine connection and compassion without our egos thrown into the mix. In today’s world where people seek the approval of others that will ‘validate’ their ideas or existence, we get lost from authentic selves. It’s as though truly being “me” isn’t good enough unless it has the approval and Read More

Recognizing Gaslighting Statements and Manipulative Phrases

In this blog post, I’m going to introduce the discussion of the harmful effects of gaslighting in religious contexts, sharing personal experiences with pat answers and assumptions made by church leaders and fellow believers. Gaslighting can manifest in various forms, including unspoken criticisms, judgments, and manipulations, leading to a distorted understanding of God and one’s Read More

Singing Praises for AI, and It’s Not What You Think

Perplexing conversations are happening throughout all social media outlets colored by a strong sense of distrust and confusion. Among the topics of politics, health care, social justice, and war is the intertwining topic of AI. It is a conversation about deep fakes, false information, hackers, and world domination fed by stories, photos, and videos produced Read More