• Stormy weather
    What to do when evil men reign? Today I ended up on a site with GRAPHIC photos of children who have died at the hands of (ISIS) evil men. My head began to spin and I thought my heart would pound out of my chest.  The past week has been filled
  • Leaving
    Many people have stayed in relationships that ranged from friendship to business to marriage to church attendance, and it was the last place they should have stayed. Staying for the benefit of others is not a good enough reason to stay. God is bigger than divorce – of COURSE, He
  • Grace is not a reason to sin
    A dear friend of mine has some of the most interesting and deeply thought out questions! This morning when I opened up my Yahoo Messenger, this comment and question regarding grace as an excuse, or law, was posted in my message window: I’m reading in Romans 2 about the law.
  • Who encourages the pastor's wife?
    What appeared to be lost, was never lost. Not in your life, and not in mine. Nothing that God begins is ever lost… Sarah’s Tent is rebuilding.  The word of mouth spread quickly and in just six short months, over 800 women were visiting Sarah’s Tent and participating in online
  • Shattered glass
    The moment sticks out in my mind as though it happened yesterday. As a young woman of 16, our lovely pastor’s wife sat down on the church bus seat next to me. The Hawaiian Luau youth event has long faded from my memory because of the following conversation between us
  • Speed Painter
    Find out why your vision may be hard to articulate and share with others. Understanding how your vision develops helps others to get on board. Many times it begins with a life-altering moment. A need is revealed or experienced and solving that needs becomes a life calling that does not
  • A woman with her head in her hands facing towards a train window
    If you are going through some frustrating and difficult times, I would like to include some verses which became a real and tangible encouragement to me in one of my own most dramatic trials in life. David, Jeremiah, and Paul could not have expressed their frustrations and anger more candidly, nor could I or
  • A lone man stands in the debri of an abandoned factory filled with destruction
    An “After Pastor” is the pastor who comes in after the devastation of moral failure from a senior leader or pastor and “cleans up” the mess. There are issues of betrayal, grief, anger, and disbelief which hit a congregation, causing ministry “paralysis”. If you or someone you know has stepped
  • Two dogs running while holding a red baton between them
    Taken from the archives of Sarah’s Tent … Have you ever been confronted by a bored child, and then quickly responded to their whining with something inspiring like, “stop complaining and go clean your room!” or, “Don’t you know that there are millions of children who would give anything to
  • Leslie Vernick
    Ever since I entered into ministry work, I’ve been dismayed to witness marriage after marriage struggling with unresolved conflict. Many believe that no matter how horrible the marriage is – even if there’s abuse – no one should ever divorce, but work through the conflict. In a perfect world where
  • Footsteps in a sand covered plain with mountains in the distance
    This question was asked of me recently, “If I plan my own future, isn’t that planning with my own will? If God is ordering my footsteps, shouldn’t I wait for HIM to tell me what to do?” The beauty of such a question is the humble heart in which this
  • A red Bible and a judges gavel hammer
    Guest Blogger, Laura Smith A righteous judge always considers all the evidence and statements from eyewitnesses before coming to a verdict. A skilled judge perceives the heart of the matter and discerns whether a person is lying or being honest. He has been in the business long enough and has

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