Letter to a Young Woman About …

What Drives Us in Love and in Life

Have you ever wondered why it seems like women fall too often for the assumption that they need a man to be complete?

(No, this isn’t some feminist rant). Time and time again, I’ve seen single women who are attempting to pursue careers that yearn to be married, and then give up the very career that they were pursuing so that they can raise a family.

Yes, I realize that first paragraph is explosive, and invites all kinds of comments about feminism, sexuality, independence, etc. But for the sake of this post, I’m going to share with you an email that wrote to a young woman who asked me for a few thoughts on this matter. Her frustration over knowing what career to choose, while she wrestled with hoping that she would fall in love and get married, was conflicting with so many things in her life, that she wasn’t quite sure which choices to make, and the last thing she wanted, was to be double minded.