How To Tell Who is Right and Who is Wrong

In the middle

How many times have you felt stuck in the middle of an argument by two people that you love?  You can see both sides of things, but there’s an impasse and the relationship appears to be falling apart, or the opportunity will be lost and at no small cost to those involved.

In the case of children involved in a marital dispute, they just want Mommy and Daddy to stop fighting. In the case of a business deal, or government shutdown, people want an agreement to be made that will allow people to move on with their lives without paying a higher price for someone else’s poor decisions or stubbornness.

Unselfishness vs. Selfishness

Did you know that you can be selfish and still be someone who demands nothing from others and yet is constantly giving time, energy and money?

Did you know that you can receive many things from many people and even ask for them – and not be someone who is always giving to others – and NOT be selfish?

Confusing, isn’t it?

Through a wide variety of experiences beginning in childhood, we knit together belief systems and perceptions regarding relationships, money and spirituality. We try to live as best we know how – based upon those beliefs and perceptions. What we forget at times is that our perceptions and beliefs are built on shaky sand – and that sand is the millions of other beliefs that other people have told us.