Are You Relevant? To Whom?

Reaping what was sownAs I shared some thoughts with a friend through a series of emails, this moment stuck out to me the most in our discussions about how to communicate and make a difference with those who we love and care about. The following rose up in my spirit and I’d like to share it with you here, as well as a few additional thoughts I’ve had for quite some time now …

NONE OF US must fall into the trap of taking our walk with the Lord for granted.  EACH OF US WILL reap what we sow and WE ARE responsible for the witness we give before God and Man.

You are an Expression of God’s Message to This Earth …

Baby faceIn each of us is the journey we’ve taken, the choices we’ve made. In each of us is a message, and a manifestation of His Grace, His Mercy, His Forgiveness, His Supply, and His Love.

Like you, I am an expression – a representation of His voice to this Earth. 


If I do not SEE ME – How will others?

If I do not RECOGNIZE ME – How will others?

If I do not SEE HIM IN ME – How will others?

If I do not VALUE ME – How will others?