My Journey

Shannon at age 5When I was a little girl, I remember asking an adult a question. This far down the road, I have no idea what I asked, but I do remember my response quite clearly – as well as the resolve that occurred from this experience.

Whatever the adult said to me, it was a stupid answer that made no sense, at least to me as a child, it made no sense and I thought that was stupid.

As I stared up at their face, completely puzzled by why they had given me such an off-the-wall answer, I remember thinking, “When I grow up, I’ll have the answer and know what the child is asking.”

Not that I’m a true ‘smarty-pants’ mind you, (even though sometimes I think I’m quite brilliant), I just like to have answers to things that people take for granted.

This is my journey … Let me clarify. This is MY journey. It wasn’t yours, isn’t yours. I can’t walk your journey. I can only walk mine and what I’ve learned from my journey, I’m sharing here because it might help you in your journey, or at least cause you to ask some questions that will give you answers that you can in turn share with me.

We are all on our individual journey’s. Each of us think, feel, and act differently according to who we are and who God created us to be. Our languages are different and our cultures are different. I’ve learned some nasty things about myself – and about others around me.

More than anything, I’ve learned to forgive … forgive myself AND forgive others. Okay, clarification again. I’m LEARNING to forgive myself … and others. I have good days, and I have bad days.

As I share my thoughts, stories and journey with you, I want to assure you of something you will have to contend with.

I can guarantee you that I will offend you. It’s inevitable. I get offended too and yes, I have buttons that get pushed when I least expect it.

Let’s just agree to disagree and leave our sticks, knives, guns and bazookas at the door, okay? None of us is perfect and no one has all the answers except He who created us. I’m only sharing MY journey with you … and without a doubt … I am Gratefully Redeemed.

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