Noticing What You Notice

Each new year brings the promise of fresh beginnings, re-setting goals that weren’t accomplished as you had hoped they would be, and new aspirations.

That to-do and to-be list that you are writing in your mind and thoughts can be your best friend … or worse enemy.

We are all familiar with the ‘worse enemy’ aspect. It’s that nagging voice in the back of your mind that reminds you of what you HAVEN’T accomplished, what you SHOULD be doing and what you are NOT DOING 0r who you are not. It feeds off the negative beliefs and perceptions that your parents, teachers, friends and other opinions that have been spoken to you or around you.

Each of these thoughts and perceptions are created in each individual based upon… well… the same thing; thoughts and opinions coming from trusted and beloved sources – who are just as broken down and human as the next guy.

Unraveling all of these negative thoughts and perceptions takes time – and NOTICING. Noticing what your thoughts are in the first place and what is most familiar.  Those familiar tapes that run constantly in our minds are SO familiar, in fact that we don’t usually notice them, but accept them as true indicators of whether or not we are on the ‘right-track’ with our emotions, choices and concurring thoughts.

Practicing the art of “noticing” is a conscious choice to be responsible for every action, thought, emotional reaction and choice that you follow through on. It banishes guilt, condemnation, shame and the “shoulda’s” and allows forgiveness, grace, mercy and love to move in and overtake every area of your life – inside and out.

Before you start setting goals and making resolutions (no matter what time of year you engage in this activity) compare your list to this:

  1. Is the goal you are setting a goal that you are truly excited and motivated about – or one that you think you SHOULD set?
  2. Has your goal been defined by someone other than you?

Notice your emotional reactions when ever you think of your goal:

  • Do you dread the goal?
  • Do you feel panicky and pressed?
  • Does your goal overwhelm you?
  • Do you feel condemned if you DON’T set it?

Does your goal cause other things around you to fall into place?

Noticing your emotional reactions, and the corresponding thoughts attached to them will help you to start asking the right questions of yourself to unravel the old tapes that have kept you bound.

Set goals that breathe life into you and get you excited about your future and who you are.  The goals that you ‘know’ you ‘should’ set – will all fall into place when your mental foundation is clear and sitting in integrity of thought and actions.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Living your life to please others is non-productive,  programmed behavior. No one is living your life but YOU.  Live YOUR LIFE to the fullest from this point on. Those people and their echoing voices? (they are busy with their own lives and aren’t even thinking about you unless it is an attempt to feel better about their own short-comings.)

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