Palm trees in the windOn a tiny, desert island, a few palm trees struggle against the biting wind as a lone person stands against their bending trunks seeking refuge from the raging storm.  The feeling of abandonment and despair screams in their brain in rhythm with the beating of their own frantic heart.

Perhaps this is descriptive of what you are experiencing in your life now.  An island in the midst of a storm, alone, desolate, exposed and without protection.  If it isn’t, think back to a time when it was.  And if you have not experienced this isolation and feeling of abandonment before, prepare yourself now by girding up your faith with the verses listed below, because these times will come.

When you go through frustrating and difficult times with the people around you, I encourage you to read the following verses.  These became a major source of strength and encouragement to us when we were stranded on our own deserted island. David, Jeremiah, and Paul could not have expressed their frustrations and anger more candidly, nor could I or anyone else have put things in better perspective than Paul did.

God will not leave us without answers, nor will He leave us comfortless.

Ps 35:1-28 / Ps 36:1-37:4 / Gal 5:12-6:10 / Matt 5:44-48 / Jer 15:19-21 / 2 Cor 6:1-7:2 / 2 Tim 2:24-3:7 / Phil 2:1-5 / Eph 4:26-32 / Romans 8:31-39 / Duet. 31:6 /Joshua 1:5 / Hebrews 13:6 / Romans 12:17-21

Not only do we suffer as individuals, we suffer in our marriages, health, peace of mind, . . . and our children and families suffer.  This should not be.  But it is!  At least we don’t have to “go it” alone!  There is something about sharing one another’s burdens that makes all of the burdens seem much lighter.  We have refuge and strength, encouragement and laughter, prayer and reinforcements in warfare when we stand together.  “If one can put a thousand to flight, two can put ten thousand to flight. . . just think what can be accomplished, if we ALL join forces together in this evil day?  The enemy has destroyed enough people throughout history without adding you, your family, or ours to his slimy list!

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