Should I Stay or Should I Go?

What if it Was the Other Person Who Left?

Unresolved relationshipA great deal of people have stayed in relationships that ranged from friendship to business to marriage to church attendance, and it was the last place they should have stayed. Staying for the benefit of others is not a good enough reason to stay. God is bigger than divorce – of COURSE He hates it! He hates that it occurs at all, and He hates what it does to people.

But staying in a toxic relationship for the sake of law isn’t a good enough reason to stay. Ideally BOTH people in ANY relationship must do the work that is necessary to heal themselves first – the relationship will follow.  But if only one person is doing the work, and the other is letting them … then there is nothing to work with.

The question is if there is life present … or death?

Tyler Perry did a hilarious and extremely wise sketch as Madea. Click the image below to watch …

Madea's Relationship Advice


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