• Depressed
    Are you listening? You are NOT being beaten up by the Devil, nor is God withholding from you to teach you a lesson! However, you may be dabbling in things that might make that happen … but most often that just isn’t the case. Now, before you get your feathers
  • The Secret
    The truth it illustrates gives the movie its power. The misapplication makes it dangerous. A few years back a movie became highly popular that spoke of a ”secret”. The assumption was that if you knew the secret, you’d be rich and have no lack of anything. “New Age” people touted
  • Dreaming
    As a Creative Life Coach, I’ve been amazed at how, through the years, Christians I’ve met have shared their inspired ideas and solutions for problems of every size, sort, and need, yet a high percentage never acted on any of them. As a natural encourager and as a creative service
  • The making of a shepherd
    As a child, the young shepherd is given simple duties of caring for his Father’s sheep.  In the small things, the child quickly learns the differences in personalities of the sheep and learns from experience which sheep to keep a wide berth on, and which ones he can approach.  Becoming
  • Goals not wishes
    Years ago, when I was employed as a church secretary, and before I became co-pastor, I had the brilliant idea of adding a special feature to our church directory. Mind you, I had ulterior motives because I needed to solve a recurring problem. Hardly a day went by that someone didn’t
  • Holiday emotions
    The joy and excitement of holidays! Laughter, joy, beautiful memories and words of love, wisdom and grace … but what if your experience is more of a season filled with complaining, bitterness, anger, frustration and hurt?  This post first appeared on 12/15/2015) Painful events have a way of stacking on top
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2 thoughts on “You are NOT being beat up by the Devil, nor is God withholding from you to teach you a lesson.

  1. Ramona king says:

    Satan takes the truth, twists it to mean that he knows more than you do about God. then when you believe his meaning, you will be laughed at by evildoers who deny the truth and are the unrighteous. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. It is He who lifts me up and has me stand by faith on heavens tableland.
    The last beatitude says, blessed are those who have been persecuted for the sake of righteousness. Matt 5:10-12

    • Shannon says:

      Thank you Ramona. Not just for stopping by to read my post, but for standing in truth and sharing it. What you say is true, which is why I am so eternally grateful that we were told of these things ahead of time – and how to spot the twisted “truths” … which is by their fruit. It takes great courage to stand outside of the crowd and say something that doesn’t conform with beliefs that are spoken, believed and repeated without ever being questioned or returning to the source.

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