On Hold, Stuck or Numb? How To Break Free and Live Again

It’s not just the pastor’s wife that gets lost in her world and wonders from time to time what her dream use to be.  In fact, just remembering your name can be a feat on certain days! Before you can teach anyone else something, you must have first walked that path and teach from experience. Read More

Self Limiting Beliefs

Blockages are the result of self-limiting beliefs. Every time you begin to notice that you “aren’t getting anywhere” or notice that you are constantly getting the same results, it’s time to uncover your self-limiting beliefs. Many of the thoughts and emotions that we entertain on a daily basis are actually habitual. The payoff for remaining Read More

Love Letters

Moving a household can be challenging with just making decisions over physical things, never mind what you deal with emotionally. However, it’s a wonderful opportunity to notice what you keep, what you find worthy of storage and what you are hauling around that is useless. What we manifest in our lives and in the world Read More