Finding You By Identifying Your Strengths

Embracing me

By identifying your strengths you allow others around you to embrace theirs.

Imagine a world where everyone was who they were born to be!

When you embrace who you are, a world of limitless possibilities unveils itself.  Imagine what the world would be like if people focused more on whothey were as individuals rather than judging what they thought every one else was.  There isn’t a person alive on this earth that hasn’t judged another person through their own limited perspectives and experiences, not knowing the whole picture behind what they judge.

As a child, we listen and gain clues according to the feedback we get from others.  Without a doubt, most of the people who dream big dreams are laughed at because the person laughing at the big dream couldn’t/wouldn’t possibly pursue that dream.  So of course, they laugh. But that doesn’t mean YOU can’t or shouldn’t pursue that dream.

Great gifts to the world have always been given through a man or woman who was not afraid to embrace who they were.

The greatest praise and worship you can give to God is to give yourself permission to just be who HE created you to be.

That means that you get to do the things that bring joy to your heart and breaths life into others.  A musician is called to be a musician.  It is in his or her blood.  If they cannot be who they were created to be, they will struggle with depression and sorrow because of an unfulfilled life.  So it is with great writers (screen writers too), artists, mathematicians, teachers, and … well … everybody!

Why do you think there are wars and divisions among us? Unfulfilled people who are dissatisfied are rarely in a frame of mind to extend generosity or unconditional love to others.

You are who you are!  Only you can rediscover who that is.  Listen to your heart and inventory your life.  What is expressed in a thousand ways by the life you lead?

Find Your Strengths


Rediscover who you are and what your strengths are by taking this short interactive quiz on how to Find Your Strengths.





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