What to Do When Evil Men Reign

What to do when evil men reign? Today I ended up on a site with GRAPHIC photos of children who have died at the hands of (ISIS) evil men.

My head began to spin and I thought my heart would pound out of my chest.  The past week has been filled with horrendous articles and stories posted on Facebook about ISIS and how they have already infiltrated our country …

So many emotions rose up – despair, hopelessness, panic, anger, hatred, fury …

And then I remembered …


Who Encourages the Pastor’s Wife?

Enter … Sarah’s Tent and Other Pastor’s Wives

The Praying Pastor's WifeWhat appeared to be lost, was never lost. Not in your life, and not in mine. Nothing that God begins is ever lost… Sarah’s Tent is rebuilding. 

The word of mouth spread quickly and in just six short months, over 800 women were visiting Sarah’s Tent and participating in online chats, emails and phone conversations. Not all were super active, but I heard from them often as they would tell me how much Sarah’s Tent meant to them. What surprised me the most was that there were patterns, or common symptoms, of pain that I observed from my unique birds-eye view. No matter the title, no matter the status, no matter the denomination. The faces might change, but the stories were all the same.

Shattered Pastors, Shattered Marriages, Shattered Lives …

Picking Up The Pieces

FrustratedThe moment sticks out in my mind as though it happened yesterday. As a young woman of 16, our lovely pastor’s wife sat down on the church bus seat next to me. The Hawaiian Luau youth event has long faded from my memory because of the following conversation between us became burned in my heart and ignited a passion that I have to this day.

Our pastor’s wife was beautiful, full of life and always very kind and loving. I wanted to be just like her. To have her choose to sit down next to me that day made my heart soar. What an honor!

Are You Hurting and Feel Abandoned or Lost?

Frustrated and aloneIf you are going through some frustrating and difficult times, I would like to include some verses which became a real and tangible encouragement to me in one of my own most dramatic trials in life.

David, Jeremiah, and Paul could not have expressed their frustrations and anger more candidly, nor could I or anyone else have put things in better perspective than Paul did, in dealing with people (especially those you have cared about) who suddenly seem to turn on you and betray your trust and love…

God will not leave us without answers, nor will He leave us comfortless.

I Do It … I Do it, You Watch … You Do It, I Watch …

You Do It – Passing the Baton

Bored boy

Taken from the archives of Sarah’s Tent …

Have you ever been confronted by a bored child, and then quickly responded to their whining with something inspiring like, “stop complaining and go clean your room!” or, “Don’t you know that there are millions of children who would give anything to be in your shoes?”

 As a pastor, when confronted by a disgruntled congregational member, we may quickly tell them to stop complaining and go pray about what ever it is that is bothering them.  With that in mind, let me share with you something that happened to me last week.

What Does It Mean to Have “Ordered Footsteps?”

Freedom in the journeyThis question was asked of me recently, “If I plan my own future, isn’t that planning with my own will? If God is ordering my footsteps, shouldn’t I wait for HIM to tell me what to do?”

The beauty of such a question is the humble heart in which this question was asked. This person truly desires to walk in God’s will, yet sees a need to plan a future. When is the planning of God and when is it not?