What’s in Your Toolbox?

ToolsHere’s some of my favorite resources:

Resources like this is what I call my “Tool Box.”  And for those who have just gasped that I dared mention resources that are not considered to be “Christian” or scriptural, may I remind you that all truth (that sets free) is God given – even if it comes out of the mouth of a donkey*. (not that I’m calling anyone a donkey …)

If I do not recognize and know my Father’s voice, then I have something to work on to make sure that I do.

If I do not know the difference between God, my own thoughts or the thoughts of the devil … then again, I better find out!

God is not so limited that He cannot give answers when a question is asked, or respond when a heart cries out to Him – and He will use whatever He can to speak His truth into our hearts so that we will be set free.

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