Unexpected Gifts

As is common during the Holiday Season, a giant package of goodies arrives at the office in a plain brown box.  

Upon opening it, layers and layers of the most delectable goodies one can imagine are discovered: Cookies, candies, cheese spreads, chocolate pretzels, jelly beans, crackers, apples, tangerines, dried fruit, and nuts, not to mention the bright and festive napkins, plates and wrapping paper.

PresentWhat a glorious gift, wrapped in such a plain brown box!  With glee, the first to open the box runs from cubicle to cubicle, saying, “Come see the goodies!  You don’t want to miss this! It’s too wonderful to imagine!  Come and taste…see that the………….”

When in Doubt … DON’T LOOK DOWN!

Trapeze artistsHave you ever sat on your living room couch watching another old adventure movie where the hero or heroine is telling their counterpart in the movie, “Don’t look down” as they climb a steep cliff, or sky scraper, or trapeze rope?

For that matter, have you ever been some where high up, perhaps as a child, when you yourself was told, “Don’t look down!”  Remember that dizzying feeling and the knot that gripped your stomach as fear shot through your brain?

The Hidden Lies Behind “Being Saved”

Ever notice how people react these days, to the question of “Are you saved?” The meaning and ‘punch’ of what that question meant has become blurred through time and one horrific life event after another.

Whether watched over the news or experienced in your personal life, if you have been “saved” you may wonder why you are still struggling and in pain and/or confusion about what you thought would change in your life after you were ‘saved.”

The hidden lie behind ‘being saved’ is actually a very subtle and quiet assumption that comes with being human. “If I’m saved, I’m SAVED – right?”