Is God’s Timing Perfect?

We hear the phrase, “God’s timing is perfect,” when there is a tragedy with an unfortunate outcome. To comfort ourselves, we say, “God’s timing is perfect.” 

What does that mean? That God knew exactly when to end the life of someone? That He knew that by the death of a loved one, the family would come together and heal? 

What does it mean when people say, “God’s timing is perfect?”

Does it mean that God’s timing is ironic? That God’s timing is one of judgment and punishment? Or does it mean that it is one of public reward or provision? Of course, this comment has the flip side towards the positive outcome of things. 

Too Fast and Furious Too

Hey! Here’s a good one …

After inquiring about a ministry project that a fellow minister was working on, I received a stream of excuses about why they had not progressed since the last time I’d asked.

First it was that the devil was beating them up. (Amazingly, this had been occuring every three months, for three months at a time, for the past ten years) I finally just stopped asking about the battle.

This time it was a new approach. After having asked a few key questions about why the devil was so busy beating them up, I heard a different line of reasoning that pertained to their cautious approach and indecisiveness in how to proceed next.