Is God’s Timing Perfect?

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We hear the phrase, “God’s timing is perfect,” when there is a tragedy with an unfortunate outcome. To comfort ourselves, we say, “God’s timing is perfect.” 

What does that mean? That God knew exactly when to end the life of someone? That He knew that by the death of a loved one, the family would come together and heal? 

What does it mean when people say, “God’s timing is perfect?”

Does it mean that God’s timing is ironic? That God’s timing is one of judgment and punishment? Or does it mean that it is one of public reward or provision? Of course, this comment has the flip side towards the positive outcome of things. 

Does God pick and choose His rewards and punishments, and we are not to question His “timing” or motives?

After reading several articles on this subject, I realized that we resign ourselves to what we don’t understand. We leave ourselves to state that God knows better and that His timing is perfect, no matter the outcome. 

But none of the articles state WHY God’s timing is perfect.

When searching for a verse about God’s timing, I found many encouraging us to endure as time passed, but nothing stated that God’s timing was an answer for hardships or rewards.

Recently, when someone stated that “God’s timing was perfect,” my first thought was, “God has no time.” However, he is eternal and ever-present in everything we experience on this Earth. Therefore, it is we who have time.

There are specific phrases we speak that we default towards to find comfort, yet comfort eludes us. Could it be that these sayings, and this one, in particular, are misapplied and gaslighting our faith?

Words and phrases that alter reality and understanding are dangerous and defeating, especially when they are so familiar that they are never questioned but accepted as fact. It wasn’t until I heard this phrase repeated that I saw it with new eyes.

Everything about God is perfect. His provisions, His love, His mercy. EVERYTHING is perfect. He is eternal and has no timing. 

What then are we being gaslighted about when we say this phrase? Yes, everything God does and has done is perfect. Therefore, to say this phrase as an acknowledgment of His Eternal Glory and Authority would be appropriate.

Pay attention to the gaslighting within this statement. 

Woman is walking down a dark tunnel holding a gaslight lamp.
Trying to light our way with a gaslight makes our path hard to see.

To say that “God’s timing is perfect” in response to a tragedy or reward is to position ourselves assuming the belief that He picks and chooses who He will torment or favor. Because we don’t understand why something happens, we default to this phrase because we trust Him, don’t understand Him, and so we submit to this abuse, believing it was for our good. 

Two opposing meanings in the same statement. Did you catch this?

  1. God is majestic and perfect in all His ways. His timing is perfect
  2. I don’t understand this moment in time; God must have decided I needed this in my life because His timing is perfect? (keyword is that He decided I NEEDED this event)

Now, go back to the verses used to prove that God’s timing is perfect. It’s not about timing but His PERFECT PROVISION in all times, good and bad.

Pay attention to the subtle switch in how God is perceived depending on the individual’s understanding of this common phrase.

I would encourage you to reflect on your feelings and thoughts when this phrase has been used or said by yourself or others. For example, if you felt betrayed or abandoned by God and defaulted to trusting Him no matter what, after all, “He knows best,” then your faith has been altered.

If you stand in wonder at the phrase in how God provides when we need it, and God made sure that His provision would be there at all times, then you will be strengthened in your faith.

Strong faith has clarity, wisdom, and discernment. We can navigate the worst of circumstances and in the best of circumstances, not let our good fortune go to our heads, but understand that there is a provision in the scheme of things. 

Go back to the scriptures that are people use to prove God’s timing and read them with new eyes. Are these scriptures proving His timing or His provision?  You can find scriptures listed here ( on the website as one of those resources.

When I know and trust God to show me His provisions, comfort, power, deliverance, mercy, and grace, I can continue in my journey, knowing that at all times, I have His abundance in whatever I need, at whatever time I need it. Isn’t that perfect?

It is no wonder that our faith may falter when we grab at straws to support a false concept that God is just like us and uses a watch and His own opinions and biases to reward us in this mortal world. 

His ways are not like our ways. His thoughts are not like our thoughts. So don’t you think it’s about time (pun intended) that we get on the same page with Him?

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