Wait a Minute … Have We Been Praying Wrong?

WonderingThe other day while praying, I believe I began to receive an epiphany … I say began, because I’m still chewing on this … 

When we pray, we are asking God for favor (when He’s already given it) and supply (when He has already given it) and … well… you get the picture.

So … If He’s already given it, why are we having such a hard time believing it or receiving it? 

Abundance is Necessary for Life

Burst of colorAbundance says to you …

I knock on your door daily, but you do not answer.

From time-to-time you almost recognized me, but then you didn’t know what to do with me, so you gave me away.

When I give to you unexpected blessings, you look at me and say, “What’s this? I don’t know what to do with this? I didn’t ask for this … therefore, I don’t trust this. 

… and you walk away.

Children know how to receive me. It’s natural to them. They laugh and giggle and embrace me in everything they do.

Stopping Fear and Dread in Your Life

Like a shadow, the presence of dread is so familiar, so commonplace that it is rarely seen or acknowledged for what it is.

As the sun rises, the mind awakens from it’s deep sleep. During the night, the mind spoke the deep thoughts of the subconscious in rhymes, riddles and symbols. Emotions were amplified and appeared larger than life.  The “release-valve” of disturbing dreams, was opened and the subconscious mind ‘screamed’ of it’s private contents which had been pushed deeply down during the day by being ignored and not dealt with.

Perfect Peace is a Choice

Every one of us has, or is, or will face a challenge so great, we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to maintain our “sanity” riding out the storm.

Whether it is a financial situation, a relationship, health or some other sudden or growing crisis, our peace hangs in the balance. Truly, our relationship with Christ will be challenged in every way. We’ll discover who we truly trust (ourselves, the doctors, the CPA, friends, or He Who Redeems.)