Wait a Minute … Have We Been Praying Wrong?

WonderingThe other day while praying, I believe I began to receive an epiphany … I say began, because I’m still chewing on this … 

When we pray, we are asking God for favor (when He’s already given it) and supply (when He has already given it) and … well… you get the picture.

So … If He’s already given it, why are we having such a hard time believing it or receiving it? 

Were we taught the wrong way to pray? (Lord, if it be your will … please Lord … pretty please?) …. Hoping that we aren’t too awful for Him to grant us our small request … all the while feeling guilty about praying for something so minor when there are others in the world suffering more than … (okay, this is my stuff… but then … this is where the revelation began…) 

The disciples asked Jesus how to pray. In essence, He said, “recognize that God is God – and He is in Heaven – over all things. He guides us and leads us. Ask for forgiveness and forgive, and receive peace.” 

Hmm… don’t see any instructions about how to get our prayers answered (to get stuff) … 

Could it be, that He gave us the power of life and death … and said … speak … and it shall happen (call those things which be not as though they were) and to seek… and it will appear … to ask … and He will answer? 

Perhaps it’s a matter of our not asking, and just speaking and commanding the supply, KNOWING that it is already ours, and asking God for wisdom to open our eyes so that we will see it and RECOGNIZE it? Receiving it without guilt … 

Still chewing on this … but I believe it’s much simpler than we have been taught, requires a pure heart filled with thanksgiving and praise (no fear) and forgiveness … and … did I mention no fear? 

Yeah … I think I’m on to something. It has to do with my own personal responsibility, actions and choices (to receive, to believe, to give thanks, to rejoice) 

Mercy I can be dense sometimes … Still thinking on this … I need a cartoon to explain …. 

Abundant supply!  Yep … already given.

Don’t worry … (not that you were) … this thought isn’t over … I’m gaining momentum and revelation. I’ll share more soon. Would love to hear your thoughts …


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