When Getting Beat Up is Self-Serving

Fallen Knight in shining armor
Cartoon of a woman with her arms crossed in front of her and a look of uncertainty

Have you ever asked a dear Saint, “How are things with you?” and then received the reply, “Man, I tell you, the devil is really beating me up.”

You ask what is going on, and they continue with a flourish, all the gory details of conflict, crisis, and disasters. 

“Wow,” you think (and are led to believe) … and in fact, may respond with …. “You must be really doing something right to get beat up like that!”

Wait …

How is that even logical and just what is that supposed to mean? Does it mean that if my life is blessed and I’m at peace, that I’m NOT doing something right?  Wouldn’t that be contrary to Scripture? And where in scripture does it say that we are doing things right, that all ‘hell’ breaks loose against us?

Doesn’t scripture say just the opposite? That what we sow – we will reap?

Wait a minute …

What we sow ….

We will reap …

Could there be a clue in there somewhere?

Hmmm …

How did this happen? This … being the martyr over things going wrong in our lives and in the church?  Is it possibly due to the fact that its easier to blame anyone else but ourselves or our choices and actions than it is to take responsibility for them?

Not only is that what has happened, but we want to get a crown for it too!  If I can be the martyr and attract an audience with my horror story, how much greater will my testimony be to the Kingdom of God!

Wow … what a concept! Maybe I’ll try that one.

… wait … I think I already have.


Shannon Parish is the Founder of Sarah’s Tent and President of Living Stones Center. She is an award winning cartoonist and graphic recorder who, after more than thirty years of ministry and as a Life Coach utilizes her artistic talent to teach and Illustrate You.

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