What to do when your faith has been shaken

Peace in the night

12 Things I’ve noticed regarding the worldwide pandemic that brings hope.

Trials and tribulations have a way of exposing our true beliefs in what we say we have faith in versus, what we truly believe.

30 But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, cried out, “Lord, save me!” )31 Immediately Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. “You of little faith,” he said, “why did you doubt?” –Matthew 14:22-33

I was asked recently, “Is this pandemic the judgment of God?” my answer was “No, mankind has a way of producing his own harvests just fine. We reap what we sow.” Her desperate search to point fingers (even if it were to point fingers at herself) was a gut reaction to this curse that has befallen our planet.

The verse “judge not, lest you be judged” comes to mind as each of us has our hearts, minds, and faith exposed for what they are. There are no people groups, nations, or anyone else to point fingers to.

The condition of our hearts, our peace, or lack of it, is the end result of that which is being judged. It is the motives of our hearts and where we have placed our confidence that is being revealed in the harvests of our own minds and consequential behaviors.

  1. This current pandemic has shut the doors of churches – and business as is – with leaders who were exalted. The Body of Christ is being forced to face their own faith – or lack of it – and to seek comfort from others within the Body, or GIVE comfort, out of love.

  2. Sleeplessness, fear, and panic are consuming those who do not have a hope or comfort in times of trouble. This is not necessarily only those who do not believe in Christ, but even for some Believers who are finding that their comfort was only set in laws, rules, and judgments, not in love. They are discovering that their faith was in the doctrines of men – not in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  3. People are discovering that in a world where everything appears to be out of control, their only place of refuge is God, who knows all things and has made a provision for us in times of trouble, beginning with PEACE … that passes all understanding. If this is not the case in your life – then you know now who to run to … and it isn’t a human being.

  4. Systems, beliefs, false doctrines that have been accepted as truth while being hidden in the dark are now being exposed …

  5. Those who were not seen, are now being seen, and those who were exalted have quickly left the focus of believers as they have been forced to seek God rather than man. God is taking the foolish things of the world and confounding the wise.

  6. Unity, gratitude and the simplicity of loving comfort are rising up without fear or shame of being “politically incorrect” or foolish. These expressions of love and joy – in our darkest hour – are giving hope and turning eyes Heavenward.

  7. I believe we are being set up for a worldwide revival of God’s glory on this Earth such as we have never before seen.

  8. Abusive relationships in a concentrated form, suffered 24/7 hours a day, are forcing people to make decisions about their futures and those of their children.

  9. The awareness of our own mortality is creating action and motivating those who have been paralyzed by fear, to take action towards their dreams over the fear of men and what people might think.

  10. Children are being seen by their parents through new eyes as the parents are re-introduced to their need to parent, guide and protect their children without interruption or the convenience of others to take care of those basic needs. The hearts of the fathers are being turned towards their children and visa versa.

  11. Scattered minds are focusing and being tuned into what thoughts are being fed upon the most, whether they are negative or positive. Accordingly, these thoughts are being exposed in actions and words.

  12. Among all the clutter of news, alarming behaviors of men in fear, we are being forced to face the motives of our own hearts and to re-evaluate what we deem precious.

Even in the midst of what is happening, we are witness to how well the Earth can heal itself and as we watch the waters clear in the Venice canals, and fish return or the sky turns blue again over China, we are reminded of what our works and behaviors bring to us which cause our sufferings and hopelessness.

The return of God’s provision gives us hope for the future – and this is revealed through the songs and prayers of the masses as they are pressed by these trials.

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