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My Gift to You ...

My Gift to You ...

Every time I take a moment to breathe in the fresh air, listen to the cheerful songs of chirping birds, and watch the trees dancing in the summer breezes, I hear God say, “This is my gift to you.”

“Not only is it my gift, it is my communication. I have so much to share with you. Will you listen? Will you see? Will you receive My lessons through nature?”

Jesus spoke in parables in order to teach on a level that His listeners could understand and relate. Metaphors are like that. They are to be seen with eyes who are looking, and heard by ears who want to hear.

A metaphor explains things on a level that by-passes the logical, argumentative mind and touches the heart. Even when the metaphor is not understood clearly, the seed is planted and the lesson begins to grow.

An open heart is what prepares a fertile ground for the abundant lessons that our Creator is communicating on a never ending flow of thoughtfulness and love.

One such metaphor that has been understood by many, is the journey that a butterfly takes to become what it was created to be.

Even as a child, nature felt like an ever-flowing love letter from my Heavenly Father. I could feel Him watching over me and explaining in simple terms, His wisdom … even though I was too young to understand.

But those lessons grew and throughout my life, I’ve been comforted by the lessons that revealed themselves.

In the metaphor of the butterfly’s journey, I discovered a lesson that I never knew. That the caterpillar, in the young, gluttonous and awkward state of life, still had the full potential of God’s original plan within it’s cells. Reaching a point and time in my life where I found myself isolated and feeling unrecognizable, the butterfly’s journey spoke deeply to my heart and gave me hope – and choices.

I’ve written down this message in a metaphorical journal containing 21 pages, with question prompts to help you think through your own journey. This “forever” journal has pages that can be printed giving you the opportunity to answer over time and to see how your perceptions and beliefs have changed, and grown. You are welcome to share this journal with those you serve as well. As a Healer yourself … I know you’ll want to.



There are no strings attached. You do not have to subscribe to receive this gift. However, consider subscribing if you are a Healer who desires to Heal. I would consider it an honor to walk with you and support you while sharing what I’ve learned on my own path to healing and what I’ve learned from the good, the bad, and the unbelievable.

“A journey shared is more than surviving, it’s thriving!”


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