How to Uncover Your Purpose and Passion

Woman thinking about her purpose and passion

There is a questionnaire that I have posted on the old Sarah’s Tent website that people still find from time to time. The answers that many people write tell me immediately what kind of person they are, what means the most to them and what they are good yet. Yet amazingly … many will end their questionnaire with a simple statement, “I STILL don’t know who I am!”

As I “Illustrate You” by encouraging and teaching the magnificent gifts that God has placed inside of you, I look for resources that will be practical and insightful tools to help you rediscover your passion and purpose and to help you in rediscovering YOU.

The following videos is one such resource. Watch Mark Anthony McCray provide you with nine great questions that will get you kick-started into rediscovering your focus. Have your journal ready – you’ll want to write the questions down and then go back and flesh out the thoughts that rise up in your HEART. (that was a hint – which Mark addresses at the end of the video)

Enjoy …

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