Unexpected Gifts


As is common during the Holiday Season, a giant package of goodies arrives at the office in a plain brown box.  

Upon opening it, layers and layers of the most delectable goodies one can imagine are discovered: Cookies, candies, cheese spreads, chocolate pretzels, jelly beans, crackers, apples, tangerines, dried fruit, and nuts, not to mention the bright and festive napkins, plates and wrapping paper.

PresentWhat a glorious gift, wrapped in such a plain brown box!  With glee, the first to open the box runs from cubicle to cubicle, saying, “Come see the goodies!  You don’t want to miss this! It’s too wonderful to imagine!  Come and taste…see that the………….”

 The analogy of our office surprise package struck me that morning.  Watching the crowds around that plain brown box, pulling out the many gifts and surprises, tasting of each and everything they could touch.

More than enough for everyone.  Something for everyone with every taste and flavor to fit all.  The cries of “Come and see!”

 This Christmas, as you open your packages of loving gifts, I know you will think also of the Christ Child.  Come to Earth, wrapped in a plain brown package of swaddling clothes, containing more than any person could imagine.  Something for everyone!  Rediscover His goodness, His benefits, His abundance.  Then go out among the people and cry out…

 “Come!  Taste and see that the LORD is good!”

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