Why Your Vision May Be Hard to Articulate

… and Share with Others

Find out why your vision may be hard to articulate and share with others. Understanding how your vision develops helps others to get on board. Many times it begins with a life-altering moment. A need is revealed or experienced and solving that needs becomes a life calling that does not fade with time. In fact, Read More

Communication Assumptions are Deadly!

Are you being challenged in your relationships? Whether that relationship is with your spouse, your friend or a congregational member, making assumptions about what they “really” mean – can be deadly. The death of many a relationship has been caused solely by blind assumptions regarding motives and intentions. As a leader in a church, or Read More

Is It REALLY What You Think It Is?

Several years ago, I stood at the back of the church after service as my husband finished preaching. The presence of the Lord was sweet and tangible. Many families had already left, but a few people lingered. One of the benefits of being a pastor is that you know the behind-the-scenes stories of the members Read More

Self Limiting Beliefs

Blockages are the result of self-limiting beliefs. Every time you begin to notice that you “aren’t getting anywhere” or notice that you are constantly getting the same results, it’s time to uncover your self-limiting beliefs. Many of the thoughts and emotions that we entertain on a daily basis are actually habitual. The payoff for remaining Read More

Noticing What You Notice

Each new year brings the promise of fresh beginnings, re-setting goals that weren’t accomplished as you had hoped they would be, and new aspirations. That to-do and to-be list that you are writing in your mind and thoughts can be your best friend … or worse enemy. We are all familiar with the ‘worse enemy’ Read More

Perfect Peace is a Choice

Every one of us has, or is, or will face a challenge so great, we aren’t sure that we’ll be able to maintain our “sanity” riding out the storm. Whether it is a financial situation, a relationship, health or some other sudden or growing crisis, our peace hangs in the balance. Truly, our relationship with Read More

My Journey … Part 4

Fast forward many years… I’m standing on the platform with the praise team. Singing is a joy to me, and unlike my cartooning talent, my musical talent is passable, but not nearly as gifted or refined. As the pastor’s wife, I felt incredibly honored and blessed to be working with one of the most gifted Read More